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Slitting Line Machine


1. Slitting machine is a common used metal coil cutting equipments. It is also called longitudinal shearing machine, slitting lines, slitters and so on.
2. Slitting line is used to shear metal material longitudinally and to recoil the fillet. It can be easily operated. This slitting line gives high quality and precision when cutting material. It utilizes material very efficiently. What's more, the cutting speed is adjustable.
3. The main structures of the slitting machine are de-coiler, head-guiding, slitting and recoiler. The main kinds of applicable material are tinplate, silicon-steel plate, aluminum, copper, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet. Our slitting machine is popular in the transformer, the electrical machinery, home appliances, motor vehicles, building material industry, packaging industry, etc.

  • Aluminum coil (thickness: 0.2mm~3.0mm),
  • Copper and brass coil (thickness: 0.2mm~3.0mm),
  • Stainless steel coil (thickness: 0.2mm~3.0mm),
  • Carbon steel HR, CR, GI and PPGI coil (thickness: 0.2mm~16.0mm) ,

We provide service of customized design (made-to-order) as per every customer's specicial requirements,  Watching TOKO Slitting and CTL machine installation and Commissioning video online from Youtube and Youku...

Cut-to-Length "CTL" Machine


Cut-to-length machine (CTL line) is a kind of steel coil leveling equipment. It's used to cut the sheet which is after uncoiled into required length. Integrated with scissor and drop-type stacker, cut-to-length machine features hydraulic adjustments and oiling capabilities. The finished steel coils of CTL line have uniform width and flatness.

Cut-to-length machine (CTL line) is suitable for cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, color steel plate and various metal materials.

Sub Categories
1. High speed thin board cut-to-length machine is one member of cut-to-length line. It is used to cut the metal plate by de-coiling, leveling, sizing and shearing into the desired length and then stacked.
2. Thick board cut-to-length machine is suitable for common carbon steel with coil thickness within 6 to 25 mm and cutting speed range of 0 to 40 m/min.
3. Slitter/cut-to-length combination machine line is a combination line. It is made up of 1 DC cabinet, 1 main operation cabinet, 2 accessory cabinets and PLC controlling system.

Cold-Roll Forming Machine

Our cold roll forming machine can be used to form a wide variety of cross-section profiles. An open profile is most common, but a closed tube-like shape can be created as well. Mastering advanced technology and practice experience, our roll former is an extremely accurate and highly efficient equipment to produce roll forming profiles in large quantities.

The products made by cold roll forming machine have been extensively applied in our daily life. A series of cold roll formed products are used in houses, offices, warehouses, workshops, and other buildings as shelving products, door and window framing products, building materials for steel construction, automobile reinforcement products, etc.

1. Labor cost and time for secondary operations are reduced or eliminated, because the roll forming machine allows operations such as punching, notching, and welding to be performed in-line.
2. A single set of roll forming machine will make almost any length of the same cross section. Multiple sets of roll formers for varying lengths are not necessary.
3. Our professional engineer team can provide installation and training service of cold roll forming machine for free.
4. Repeatability is inherent in the process, allowing easier assembly of roll formed parts into your finished product, and minimizing problems due to standard tolerance build up.
5. Our roll forming machine offers customers a superior surface finish. This makes roll forming an excellent option for decorative stainless steel parts or for parts requiring a finish such as anodizing or powder coating. Also, a texture or pattern can be rolled into the surface during forming.

Our cold roll forming machines mainly include metal deck roll forming machine, guard rail roll forming machine, C purlin roll forming machine, Z-purlin roll forming machine, C/Z purlin quick interchangeable roll forming machine, stud and track roll forming machine, guide rail roll forming machine, highway barrier roll forming machine, K(big)- span curved roll forming machine, roofing/wall panel roll forming machine, etc.
Note: If you want to know more details about each product, please click on the corresponding page.

Cold Roll Forming Materials
Almost any metal material that can tolerate bending to a desired radius can be roll formed. The more ductile a material is, the better it will roll form. The roll forming process can handle ferrous, nonferrous, hot rolled, cold rolled, polished, plated or pre-painted metals.

Working Principle of Cold Roll Forming Machine
Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process taking metal sheet, strip or coil and bending or forming it to a cross section. The process is performed between successive pairs of rollers that continuously shape it until the desired section is completed.

Warranty & Service

1. Production time depends on each different machinery, it's normally needs 45~90 days .
2. Installation and commissioning depends on different machinery, normally time: 10~30 days.
3. Installation and commissioning: will send Engineers to help and guide machine installation and commissioning, buyer will pay for the round-trip tickets and the addittional allowance for iTOKO engineer's USD 100/day per person.
4. Warranty period time of iTOKO machines: 12 months from date of commissioning completion,but no more than 18 months from date of delivery.
5. Payment term: 30% payment in advance by T/T after the contract, and 70% balance by IRR L/C at sight.

As a professional machinery equipment supplier, iTOKO brand Our tube mills, equipment for slitting line, crosscut line, flattening series, roll forming machines and other products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions, including Russia, France, England, Australia, America, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania and Albania. Welcome to visit our company, see first class fabrication facilities and discuss your needs face to face (view old site at iTOKO MACHINE 2016 or from Audited Supplier).  For further more technology info and solution supports or specifications, drawing or offer details, please contact with us via, our professional engineer work team will provide you the Customize Service in 24 hours.

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